Children in sport is looking
for fun,
not the result!


"Tell him that hi is Pele and return him to the game"

John Lambie, Partick manager Thistlea, after which he heard from the doctor that his attacker Colin McGlashan suffered so hard hit that he did not know who he is..


Sports association "TRIJUMF"

Exists on territory of municipality Čukarica from the June 2005., and at the beginning of 2008. also quilted it's own activeness on a territory of municipality  Barajevo. Official verification of Ministry of Education RS about registered sportive society, gathered on the September 2008.

Football school members, as a basic activity of the society, are children from 5 to 12 years, mostly from the lodgments: Sremčica, Železnik and Barajevo. Right now the football school attend over 140 children mentioned ages. Young footballers are competing within the scope of Mini-Maxi league of Belgrade FS, but within the scope of similar tourneys adaptived for their age. Although  this season is the forth year of competition, as one of the youngest football school, children pointed out that with love, desire and hard work is possible to be as good as a schools with a longer period of existing, or even better, and also score good results: teams of all competitive categories (01, 00, 99, 98 i 97. y.) are the first or among the first five. (all this results could be seen on the official web page ofMini-Maxi league).

Others have said about us

Our work followed and the media. Participation and success in the tournaments follow the press. Snippets from the newspapers and we store.


Maintain training

Balon "Tri M" - Sremčica
Balon "SRC Čolaković"- Barajevo


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